Information Leaflets


To help spread the word about light pollution, DarkSky UK offers four topic-specific brochures and a general information brochure (seen below).


General Brochure: 'Protect The Night'

This general brochure about light pollution describes how light pollution devastates wildlife, may harm your health, can make you less safe, wastes energy and money, and robs us of our natural heritage.


Light Pollution Can Put Your Health at Risk

Includes info about the human biological clock, circadian rhythms, melatonin, how glare impairs nighttime vision, negative effects of artificial light at night, plus solutions for safe lighting.


Light Pollution Can Harm Wildlife

Includes info about how artificial light negatively impacts corals, sea turtles, frogs and toads, and birds, plus many other species, plus solutions for safe lighting.


Outdoor Lighting, Crime, and Safety

Includes info about how poor residential lighting creates a false sense of security, how towns and cities can fix poor outdoor lighting, how bad roadway lighting creates unsafe driving conditions, poor lighting reduces safety and security, plus solutions for safe lighting.


Light Pollution Wastes Energy and Money

Includes info about how poorly implemented lighting impacts energy use, affects our carbon footprint, wastes billions of dollars each year, and how many kilowatt-hours are wasted by the average home, plus energy efficiency solutions.

Other Outreach Materials

More to help us spread the word about light pollution!


Light Pollution Solution Postcard

Everybody can do something to stop light pollution and now we have a postcard explaining exactly what YOU can do! The front says “Stop light pollution” and the back has colorful infographics giving people simple solutions to help protect the night sky.


"Losing The Dark"

“Losing the Dark” is a free informative six-minute introduction to light pollution that can either be streamed online or downloaded onto your computer.


DarkSky Basics PowerPoint Presentation

A general dark sky presentation, featuring an overview of the negative effects of light pollution on society and the environment.


Talking to Your Neighbours

Have your neighbours installed lighting that shines on your property and leaves you frustrated? We’ve created a sample letter to your neighbour that may help. Be sure to visit our My Neighbour’s Lighting page, too, for more information and suggestions on how to talk to your neighbours about their lighting.


Five Principles for Responsible Outdoor Lighting

Developed jointly by DarkSky International and Illuminating Engineering Society, these five simple principles for responsible outdoor home lighting show how you can protect nocturnal wildlife, be a good neighbor, and preserve the night sky.