Our Work

The IDA-UK promotes win-win ideas so that you can enjoy dark, star-filled skies and continue to benefit from responsible outdoor lighting.

Artificial light at night has revolutionized the way we live and work outdoors, but it has come at a price. When used thoughtlessly, lighting disrupts wildlife, damages human health, wastes money and energy, contributing to climate change, and it blocks our view of the starry sky. Since 1988, the IDA has worked to protect the night sky through dark sky parks, reserves and communities and in October 2021, the UK Chapter was formed. The UK chapter is a Community Interest Company, (number:13670766) and is a non-profit, the board of directors give their time and expertise for free.

Light pollution is increasing worldwide at twice the rate of global population growth. Eight out of ten people live under a light-polluted night sky, at least £4 billion is wasted on outdoor lighting each year across the world, and every species is being harmed by light pollution.  

Our Values

  • Passion: We are enthusiastic advocates for the night that benefits all living things and its star-filled sky.
  • Credibility: We base our actions on evidence – where it is lacking, we proceed cautiously and support rigorous inquiry.
  • Consensus: We strive for consensus and invite public participation.
  • Inclusion: We believe the night sky is a shared global heritage for every person of all time.
  • Nonpolitical: We work to advance public policy without regard to political ideology.

Our Plan

The plan focuses on four strategic priorities:

  1. Celebrate The Night: Increase awareness of the benefits of the night for all living things, and how light pollution is an urgent environmental threat that individuals can help solve.
  2. Dark Sky Protection: Protect exemplary dark skies, and urban night skies through our certification program.
  3. Lighting Where We Live: Engage families and communities in reducing light pollution through sensible. responsible lighting.
  4. Night Sky Restoration: Implement coordinated, intentional, and scalable actions to slow, halt, and reverse the increasing rate of light pollution.

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