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Crime, Safety and the Social Justice Aspects of Light Pollution

This blog post draws heavily on “The State of the Science” report by John Barentine, available here. Summary The belief that outdoor lighting improves traffic safety and

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The milky way in Autumn over the roof of Battlesteads Observatory

The Big Switch Off.

The Big Switch Off of lights across Ambleside and Grasmere is happening again this year on Thursday 23rd February, from 7pm. Following the success of two

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Case Study: Night/Dark Sky Friendly Lighting Retrofit.

These are before and after photos of a lighting retrofit at the National Outdoor Centre, Plas Y Brenin in Capel Curig.  (Scroll down the page

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a 15 second exposure showing the behaviour of insects around artificial lights. Image: Nevit Dilman It is dark and there is a streetlight attracting insects to it. Because it is a long exposure you can see the trails the insects make as they travel towards and around the light.

Environment Human Health Light pollution, especially the blue part of the spectrum of artificial light at night, is detrimental to human health. It is strongly linked to

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Street Lighting May Enable Crime.

Do you want to be safer at night? More and more research seems to suggest that floodlighting streets with overly bright lights is NOT the

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guests at Kielder Observatory in Northumberland watching the milky way.

Astronomy for Absolute Beginners

Roy Alexander BSc, FRAS, MInstP, is the Chair of DarkSky UK and Director of AstroVentures CIC and Battlesteads Observatory. Getting Started Autumn Milky way over Battlesteads Observatory,

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light from streetlights pours into a house on the staircase through a window

Sleep and Light Pollution

For thousands of years, humans have lived a 24-hour day marked by the rising and setting of the sun. We have evolved to respond to

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Social Justice and Light Pollution

In 2019 the government published the “Landscapes Review” (also known as the “Glover Report”) which was highly critical of successive governments’ inability to do “enough

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Mobile Apps

Dark Sky meter App (iPhones)The Award-winning Dark Sky Meter by DDQ helps you measure the night sky brightness with the press of a button. Get

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Dark-Sky Activities to Enjoy at Home

Here are some great resources to enjoy the night sky, whether it be in your garden, through your living room window, or on a computer

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Outdoor Sports Lighting

LED lighted soccer facility located adjacent to a residential neighbourhood. The photo was taken approximately 150 meters from the field edge. There has been a significant

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