There is a growing body of scientific research that is attempting to measure and understand the effects of light pollution. IDA, along with the Loss of the Night Network, maintains a comprehensive, searchable database of scientific publications on artificial light at night.

The only database of its kind, the Artificial Light at Night (ALAN) Research Literature Database provides references to the scientific literature on all aspects of artificial light at night research.

The search window is in the upper right. Research on specific topics can be found by entering a keyword (such as sleep, birds, cancer, etc.), author name, publication, etc., into the window. Search results will then appear in the main part of the window.

Download “Zotero” to access the above ALAN Database and be able to set up automatic citations or referencing etc.

the aurora borealis as seen from a northumberland beach
The Aurora Borealis from Northumberland. Image: Dr Martin Kitching