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Photo by Richard O’Brien.

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If you’re not one already, become a DarkSky UK member and join a network of like-minded people who want to improve the night sky.

Assess the Lighting Around Your House

Poor lighting not only creates glare and light pollution but also wastes enormous amounts of energy and money. Take a few moments to check your property for inefficient, poorly installed, and unnecessary outdoor lighting.

Use Dark-Sky-Friendly Lighting at Your Home & Business

Look for the International Dark-Sky Association Fixture Seal Of Approval on any outdoor lighting you buy. We have a searchable database of lighting products certified to minimize glare, light trespass, and to reduce carbon emissions.

Chat With Your Friends, Family & Neighbours

Solving local light pollution issues is as simple as chatting with your neighbours. Use some of our resources like our General Brochure, “Losing the Dark Film” or Mobile Apps to help spread the word.

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DarkSky’s Advocate Network is a global community united in its efforts to protect the night from light pollution.  Check out the work of some of our advocates and see a map of advocates around the world.

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Help fund our mission and make a donation. You can donate securely online and/or become a member paying a monthly donation in exchange for premium content and resources – it all goes towards the fight against light pollution.

Visit an International Dark Sky Place »

There is probably a dark sky park, reserve or community near you so why not Find a Dark Sky Place you can easily visit?